Fferm Wynt Coedwig Clocaenog

Enquiry received via email

Fferm Wynt Coedwig Clocaenog

Wendy Charles-Warner


I wrote to you with a written submission about the proposal to fell the Clocaenog forest and erect wind turbines there. I am advised by the planning inspectorate that my written submission was received and is considered acceptable. However, the lengthy document sent to me on 23rd September detailing the actions and enquiries to be made, makes no mention whatsoever of my concern.
I would be grateful if you could confirm that my submission is not to be ignored but to be taken seriously.

Cyngor a roddwyd

Thank you for submitting your 'Relevant Representation' as part of your registration to become an interested party. The Examining Authority (ExA) has read all the Relevant Representations and any concerns you have submitted in your representation have been included in its examination.
The 'Rule 8' letter you recently received dated 23 September 2013 included the ExA's first round of written questions. The ExA's examination is an inquisitorial process where questions are asked to request further information that have risen from its examination of the submitted application documents and representations. If your concerns are not included in these written questions, it does not necesarily mean that they have not been considered as part of its examination.
I recommend submitting a 'Written Representation', which can expand your concerns included in your Relevant Representation, and should be emailed though to the project email address: [email protected] or posted for the attention of Iwan Davies - Case Leader, for the deadline of 21 October 2013. Unlike your Relevant Representation, which was submitted on a prescibed form, your Written Representation can be submitted in either email or paper form and can include any evidence you wish to submit with your representation.