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Fferm Wynt Coedwig Clocaenog

Robert Wynne


Can I submit a community petition to the Examining Authority (ExA) as evidence and what is the best way to submit it?
Can I suggest viewpoints for the ExA's unattended site visits?
Please can I request attendance to the Accompanied Site Visit (ASV)?

Cyngor a roddwyd

If you have registered to be an interested party for the application you will have the opportunity to submit Written Representations once the Examination has formally opened; this is the ideal time to submit your petition as it can be attached as an appendix. Unlike Relevant Representations, which need to be submitted on the prescibed form, Written Representations can be submitted electronically or in paper form and can include additional evidence to strengthen the submission. You can include suggested viewpoints for the ExA's unaccompanied site visits as part of your Written Representation.
If you wish to submit your Written Representation electronically please email it to the project mailbox: [email protected] before the deadline for Written Representations closes on 21 October 2013. You can also use this email address to confirm your wish to attend the Accompanied Site Visits (ASV) by emailing before the deadline of 3 October 2013 and advising what time/days you wish to attend.