Fferm Wynt Coedwig Clocaenog

Enquiry received via email

Fferm Wynt Coedwig Clocaenog

Michael Skuse


Would it not be a good idea to post summaries of oral statements as soon as they are received? If you wait until 13 Feb, there will only be a 7 day window for people to comment on them, until 20 Feb.

Cyngor a roddwyd

The Planning Inspectorate only publish submissions for a timetabled deadline once that deadline has elapsed. This is to ensure that all the submissions are given an equal amount of time to be responded to by interested parties.
Therefore, all submitted written summaries of cases put orally at hearings will be made available on the National Infrastructure pages of the Planning Portal website as soon as practically possible following the close of the deadline on 13 February 2014.