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Cysylltiad Gogledd Cymru

Jonathan Dean


At what point in the development process does a project become a NSIP?
National Grid were telling the public that the NWC had the potential to be one in 2012, while it was one by 2015
As no DCO has been submitted, is it a NSIP yet?
I have spoken to many people who have basically been mislead. They think pylons are unstoppable as it is a NSIP so have not bothered engaging in the consultation. They do not know that a buried cable would not be a NSIP as information like this has never been publicised

Cyngor a roddwyd

It is for an applicant to decide on the design of their application, in consultation with the local community and stakeholders and taking into account the cost and effects on the environment.
NSIPs are defined in ss14 through s30A of the Planning Act 2008 (as amended). It will be for National Grid to show in their application for a Development Consent Order that the development falls under s14(1)(b) and s16.